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celtic Scott Brown on shinnie


fucked if I know
Oct 4, 2014
Scott Brown last night hit back at Graeme Shinnie for the horror tackle that put his double Treble bid in jeopardy.

The Celtic captain was chopped down in Sunday’s trophy day defeat to Aberdeen and the Pittodrie skipper insisted he was only serving up some of his own medicine as ‘what comes around, goes around’.

But Brown responded with a withering putdown as he labelled the challenge as child’s play.

Scott Brown and Graeme Shinnie (Image: Getty Images Europe)
And he insisted Shinnie put the boot in because he lacked the ability to keep up with him on the pitch.

The Hoops favourite – who yesterday scooped the Ladbrokes Premiership Player of the Year award – said: “The ankle’s fine. It takes more than that to keep me down.

“Was it a bad tackle? No, it was a Graeme Shinnie tackle. It sums him up really.

“He was saying that he got close to the ball. But I watched it back and it is kind of a little boy’s tackle – waiting until I was past him.

“My pace obviously done him in his prime and I got past him.

Scott Brown has hit back at Graeme Shinnie
“What goes around, comes around? Yeah, I’m not the one with 15 bookings this season.

“We had a nice wee chat afterwards. Graeme runs about, he tackles, stuff like that.

“He has not got great quality but he does the best he possibly can.

“It’s the only thing he can probably do to try and stop us – to try and make a bad tackle. To be fair on him, it was a good bad tackle.”

Brown insisted the challenge wasn’t going to rule him out of Saturday’s Scottish Cup Final against Motherwell though as the Hoops look to land back-to-back Trebles.

He said: “I felt it quite high up at the time. I was thinking ‘thank goodness I still wear those grandad shinnies that come all the way around and protect everything!’
“It wasn’t too bad. I have had worse.”

Brown shrugged off the Shinnie shocker and is adamant he has no fears going against a Steelmen side with a tough reputation.

He said: “We’ve played Motherwell quite a lot this season so we know how they play, they are physical but they’re fair.

“They use their bodies and they don’t lunge in to tackles or do stupid challenges.

“When you watch them they are very direct that way but that’s how their team is shaped out and everyone knows their job.

“We like the physical battle. We’ve got that in our locker as well.”

Celtic and Motherwell have enjoyed their battles this season
Brown can make history by claiming his 14th trophy as Celtic captain – to move closer to club legend Billy McNeill’s incredible record haul of 23.

He said: “Just now I’m enjoying my football, picking up trophies. It’s all about getting this club on the map, getting in the Champions League, winning leagues.”

Brown is determined to get both hands on the Scottish Cup after a calamity with the Premiership trophy.

The captain blamed his injured hand and said: “Well I did drop the league one on my head, so there’s a good chance I’ll be able to lift this one.

“Here’s hoping!”


Oct 27, 2014
Brilliant put down by Broonie.

It is tho an actual disgrace the sheer amount of horrendous tackles being put in on him this season.

That twat at the minis has a lot to answer for after his comments.

Wont happen but it would be nice if the club could actually call these assaults out for what they are.


New Member
Mar 3, 2018
What comes around goes around?

These Aberdeen pricks are gettin worse. You'd think they'd won the cl listening to their interviews. Shay Logan is a horrible creature. Long overdue somebody takes one for the team and cements him.


Jul 27, 2016
What comes around goes around?
Well as they like to say in Aberdeen:

A stitch in nine saves time


People in glass houses shouldn't be No voting sheep shaggng bastards

glasgow celtic

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Jan 16, 2015
thats a paddling :loel::loel:

dont fuck with the browny :10iar: