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Scotland and Celtic

Discussion in 'Club67' started by Jim, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member Gallowgate

    What's your thoughts folks? Tonight's game was such a disappointment but dare I say it I think it was down to a lack of Celts in the team. I observe that Scotland's resurgence in the group coincided with Brendan Rodgers' arrival at Celtic. Players developed at an extraordinary speed and became accomplished at playing at the level required. Look at the start of the campaign! Broony had retired, no Tierney Armstrong or Griffiths.

    There was no intensity to the play or any level of control. Move on a year and we have a team consisting of A 'new' Broony a resurgent Forrest and KT, Griffiths and Armstrong and we(Scotland) are playing at a different level with results on the upturn.

    To me it's down to Rodgers.

    Wee GS doesn't know how to motivate the team and to be honest I think he made a big mistake in his team selection tonight. 2 up front is alien to what he had played during the campaign and left us short in midfield.
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  2. Brick top

    Brick top Well-Known Member Gallowgate

    Shame he lost brown and Armstrong but to see McGregor and Forrest not even make an appearance is shocking needed goals our players get you goals and keep the tempo up

    Spot on with the Rodgers stuff hopefully next manager will get more of the benefit
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  3. Darloexile

    Darloexile Moderator

    There was a total change in the national teams once WGS started to play our players.
    As has been said many times before he is a stubborn wee bugger with his team selections.
    It was therefore no suprise with the team on Sunday night, even tho it was crying out for a change, his refusal to change things cost us a play off place.
    Although to be honest I am not too disapointed our players wont be there next summer, even tho the experiance would no doubt improve them as players.
  4. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member Gallowgate

    I agree the world cup is a hinderance to us. Our players will be required for CL qualifiers a week after the tournament ends. A farcical situation but that's the way Uefa likes it. HH

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