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celtic Partick Thistle

Discussion in 'Club67' started by mkbhoy, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. mkbhoy

    mkbhoy Active Member Stream_access

    I thought they played OK last night. I know that teams are always "up for it" against us and they'll prbably get cuffed 7 zip off Ross County or something, BUT they seemed to be well organised, tactically well set up and physically fit. Their right back in particular had a very good game IMO.

    I reckon they'll give some of the top teams a hard game and that we escaped a potential banana skin last night (escpecially with yer mans header over the bar from 3 yards and the penalty incident).

    Good three points.
  2. motherwelltim

    motherwelltim New Member Stream_access

    Very difficult to break down

    Could have easily been a penalty at the end too

    Good 3 points gained
  3. Anton

    Anton Active Member Stream_access

    Was at a wedding last night, so only seen the highlights today. From what I saw we looked pretty comfortable and should have had a couple more. If it was against us, I'd definitely have been shouting for that penalty at the end
  4. glasgow celtic

    glasgow celtic Well-Known Member Stream_access

    stonewall penalty but got to remember we have bigger fish to fry on wed.agree a few of the so called bigger clubs will struggle there :tiphat:

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