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Kieran Tierney - 'I wouldn't put it past me '

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Dec 30, 2017
KIERAN TIERNEY can remember asking his mum for a Celtic jersey for his Christmas.

But then it’s not like it was years back as a young kid growing up.

It was just LAST MONTH.

Parkhead kid Tierney’s parents had him signing shirts to be given to people as gifts, when he was handed a replica of the Hoops’ iconic 1988 top.

KT suddenly knew what he wanted his mum to buy him for Christmas.

Fast forward to January, and Tierney, 20, was pictured on holiday in Tenerife wearing the same top as he signed autographs for fans.

Tierney said: “I asked for that shirt for Christmas. That was the only thing I could think of.

“It was the CR Smith centenary year strip. Before Christmas my parents always bring stuff in from people for me to sign.

“I just saw this top and thought: ‘This one is a belter’ so I tried it on and said: ‘Right, get me one of them for Christmas’.

“It was someone my mum knew that I had to sign it for, so I just said get me one of them because it’s decent.

“It’s a nice top. That’s the story behind it.

“I got a bit of slagging for it! Do people not know I’m a Celtic fan?

“Every interview I mention I’m a Celtic fan then I get slagged for wearing a Celtic top. But you deal with it.”

KT was mobbed in the Celtic bar he visited during his week-long break in the Canary Islands but the youngster was delighted to turn up at the boozer and meet fans.

Tierney added: “It was a Celtic pub. I’ve been to Tenerife a few times, and I’ve always gone to see them and said I’d go again this time.

“They asked me to pop in so it was good to see the fans as well. Those are moments where I pinch myself.

“When I was in Tenerife there were maybe 100 people there to see me with just around an hour’s notice. The guy put it on social media — it killed me! I got about 100 rounds in!

“For people to come and see you when they are on holiday is crazy. But I think it is very important to interact with the fans.

“I said to the owner of the bar that if I was a Celtic fan on holiday and a Celtic player was coming, I’d be buzzing about it.

“So if I have that opportunity to do that for somebody, I’ll do it.

“I’m not saying it is going to make anyone’s holiday, but if it makes them happy for that day, I’ll do it.

“Being a Celtic fan, you know that. Everyone around me is the same and my full life is Celtic. I can’t remember anything without it.

“Even though I started playing football at seven, I can’t really remember anything before that, and it’s always been about Celtic. It’s not a chore for me.”

The fact is Tierney doesn’t see life at Celts like the job it is for some footballers.

Tierney said: “I’ve never seen it as work. It’s hard at times when you are growing up, and you are having to get up at 6am to go to the school Celtic send you to, and you don’t even play at the weekend. It is hard, but it makes you mentally tougher.

“It helps me now I’m getting older to deal with different situations you are put in.”

Those situations include breaking his leg when he was on the verge of making the Celtic first team. It was a major hurdle to overcome.

KT added: “It was the day after I made the bench for the first time that I broke my leg.

“I went from the highest I’d ever been to the lowest the next day, but that made me a better player and hungrier.

“It gave me a taste for it. I didn’t want to use the leg break as an excuse, so I worked hard and Ronny Deila gave me a debut.

“I was buzzing even just going out to warm up at Celtic Park.

“I knew I probably wouldn’t get on, but just doing the warm up gave me a taste for it.

“Then I just wanted more and more, so it might have been different if the break had come before that day on the bench.”

Tierney earns good money at the Hoops, but still lives with his folks.

Tierney said: “When I signed my deal I bought a house, but my mum and dad are still in it and it’s good for us all. It’s a nice area in Motherwell.

“I’ve no plans of moving out. I’ve not even thought of it.

“My parents do everything for me and never stress me. They do all they can to help me on the pitch, and have done since I was seven.

“That’s why I am so grateful and try to do the best I can for them. I try not to leave my room too messy!”

There will come a time when he does leave home, and maybe Celtic.

Manchester United and many others have been linked with him, but right now he’s more than happy where he is.

Tierney added: “When top clubs like that show an interest, it’s flattering because it means you are doing something right.

“It’s good to see stuff like that, but I’ve just signed one of the longest term deals at Celtic and I could not be happier with it. I was buzzing when it came.

“I’ve been here for 13 years now and that’s a long time. I wouldn’t put it past me to stay here for my whole career.

“It could happen but you never rule out anything. I’ve had injuries, I’ve seen it with players before.”



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Aug 25, 2017
A player who loves the club more than money, a refreshing change from the money over medals mercenaries.
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