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  • Hi Guest We have managed to port the origonal forum over to the new xenforo please feel free to take a look around and get yourself used the the new features , were very happy with how things worked out , but sure there will be some bugs needing ironed out , please dont hesitate to contact us if you find any thanks Admin
  • Hello Guest welcome back to tictalk We have been working hard on forum upgrades , and have just implemented a brand new push notification system that will alert you when someone replies to a thread your subscribed to or if you receive a new private message etc , all you have to do is opt in by clicking the bell icon on the bottom left of the forum list and subscribe this should work on all devices and browsers apart from iOS I'm currently working on fix for iOS and hope to have it up and running within the week would appreciate as many members opting in as possibe for testing purposes and appricate any feed back as usual thanks Ibrahim

home made soup


Jul 1, 2017
A can mind years ago pat was on ch5 reading out texts, and I fired one in to them. He was on a panel with others, a said pat, it’s your mum. You have your favourite dinner tonight mince and potatoes, I’ve left your ice cream in the oven... I’ll be late home from bingo. Xxx they were all pissing themselves... humbling tale so it is