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celtic Griffiths Bites Back


fucked if I know
Oct 4, 2014
A fantastic read m8

With 75% possession and 713 passes completed, to 145 by the visitors, :eek:

Griff seems to be getting better and fitter as each weak passes , hopefully he stays injury free , he's a massively important player for us

one thing that stands out Is ntcham , there was a thread on cm not long after the game finished
here is some of the quotes

Thought he was pretty average today
Never done much wrong , steadily played the sideways or backwards pass ....his cutting forward passing was not really there today
Overall he was a steady Eddie

No one said he won't be excellent FFS

He's our £4.5m signing , I was interested to watch him today to see how he looks , I'm not taking anything majorly positive or negative from today I'm just offering my honest assessment of how he struck me today ....calm down darling

I thought he was ok but only ok , seems to play the type of role that broony plays . Of course he will get betrrr with game time and fitness.
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Celtic By Numbers

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May 8, 2017
I hope this explains why there might be that perception. It is stark how little he is involved other than passing. However need to see him in a tougher game.