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Anouncment DONATIONS

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & News' started by Green_Smurf, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Green_Smurf

    Green_Smurf Well-Known Member

    TICTALK has no advertisements, is not sponsored, and provides its services free of charge. For these reasons, its financial obligations can only be met with the help of voluntary user donations. Supporting the site is and will always remain voluntary. If you are financially able, help pay the bills by donating. TICTALK's continued survival is up to you.

    All donations are used to cover the costs of running the site. These costs represent the hardware the site runs on and uses (e.g., servers, encoders, upgrades, fixes, etc.), and recurring operating expenses (e.g., hosting, bandwidth, power, etc.).

    Please note that TICTALK is a non-profit organization. No staff member or other individual responsible for the site's operation personally profits from user donations. As a donor your financial support is exclusively applied to operating costs. When you donate you aren't paying the Staff, neither are you purchasing sport's streams or paying to access the resources forum (Although donators will always get priority access to these). When you donate you are paying TICTALK's bills.

    TICTALK primarily is a community and as such the staff will try to look after that community. Feel free to contact us with any queries or suggestions. HAIL HAIL

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