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  • Hello Guest Welcome to the new tictalk ,, the board software has been upgraded to xenforo 2 ... it might take a bit getting used to and the there might be a few bugs around the place , if you find any please make a thread and report them thanks


  1. saoirse

    Post your twitter handle

    @lub0112 @tictalk1 Get me added if you don't already follow
  2. saoirse

    Any of you lot on twitter

    Could do me a favour ?
  3. saoirse

    NSFW Should i block the player page

    Should i block the video player page off to people who have less than 10 or 5 meaningful posts ,, whats your thoughts ,, maybe it help get people posting the player has over 2000 views in the last couple of weeks :earwank:
  4. saoirse

    Streams 2 links

    there are 2 streams for todays game , just hit the live tab and enjoy :Ire::Ire::Ire:
  5. saoirse

    Streams yesterdays game in full here

    click me
  6. saoirse

    Streams Nk Maribor V Celtic FC

  7. saoirse

    celtic Champions League qualifiers

  8. saoirse

    Vod The Blacklist S3 E15 – Drexel added

    The Blacklist 3x15 "Drexel" - After the founder of a successful internet start-up is found dead, Red (James Spader) recognizes the crime scene as the work of a notorious killer. Liz (Megan Boone) and the task force work with Red to track the murderer through a dangerous underground news source...