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Streams I, Dolours

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Watched it last pretty good watch although nothing spectacular
Enjoyed and will share with the community as soon as I can remove the drm from the stupid Apple download

Hopeful to post it up later tonight or tomorrow

Holiday over

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Back on the Costa :(

Celtic Football Club statement

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Celtic Football Club is surprised that there will be no disciplinary action taken by the Scottish FA regarding the incidents during the match on December 29, which have been widely addressed in the media.

It is reported that no action was taken because the match referee saw all of the incidents in question.

Given that the referee took no action at the time, this tends to suggest that such conduct, which in one instance led to a Celtic player, Anthony Ralston, being injured, is acceptable in Scottish football. That cannot be right.

On the day, Celtic did not play well enough to win the match, something we accept. However, this issue goes beyond the result of the match.

Celtic is not the only club this season to raise concerns regarding the standard of officiating at matches in Scotland, concerns which have also been shared by many commentators on the game.

In order to fully understand what is going on, Celtic, our supporters, Scottish clubs and the general Scottish football...

January Wish List

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A right back - please please please.
Lustig is done physically and mentally. He has not only cost us so many goals this season but he seems mentally shot. You know on receiving the ball 9/10 these days he is just going to return to where it came from, which unfortunately is often Boyatta. Between the two of them the whole right side is so easy to press as neither of them handle it very well.

Centre back - I would prefer Boyatta sold now, as opposed to leaving in the Summer when Benkovich goes back to Leicester. Spend the cash on Benkovich's replacement, have him playing with Filip for the rest of the season, while giving AJer opportunities to get some game time. Then in the summer we are not in a position of having both first choice CBs dissapearing leaving us with Ajer and Compper (hopefully gone), Hendry (hopefully gone) and Jozo (hopefully gone)

Forwards - someone who can hit the ground running. It's right we make excuses for our teenage first...
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