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celtic Cup Final Day

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Awake and up already.
1st step on the road again to the Treble Treble

celtic I hope we dont get any further in the Europa League

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Its not good for my well being. Drinking on a school night is not big and its certainly not clever.:cold::sick:

Hungovertofeck CSC

celtic Todays presser

an Gorta Mór

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Between 1845 and 1855 over one million people fled starvation conditions in Ireland. Around 100,000 made their way to Glasgow. Coiste Cuimhneachain An Gorta Mór (Great Hunger Memorial Committee) has been formed to build a permanent memorial to those who died of starvation or were forced to emigrate, including those who came to our city during ‘An Gorta Mór’.

I was at a meeting last night where the winning design was chosen.
The memorial will be built at St Mary's Calton.
The winning design " The silent tower" was by sculptor and artist John McCarron
Below is representation of what it will look like in situ.

An Gorta Mor.JPG

Streams Scotland_vs_Israel freebie

celtic a wee surprise

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coming for y'all later

watch this space :D

Android x86

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Anyone tried it yet


Black Friday

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Is there any interest in a deals thread where we can post the best deals we come across incase they are of any interest to the group´s members? :coffee1:

Streams Hamilton v Celtic Freebie {non donors}

are we having issues

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internet is terrible here today

Ntcham signs until 2022

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Ntcham signs until 2022, so at least at the very worst we'll get a fee for him.

Streams Test

celtic Dirty Tackles

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Its not really the thread title I want and would welcome all your ideas on a correct thread title.

The thread is actually about these horrendous tackles that our players are being subject to in more and more games.

Just watched the Dundee game again and I just cant understand how they kept 11 men on the pitch.

The amount of tackles that were "miss-timed" after the ball had gone and should have been yellows, the brutal tackles from behind that could and should have been red, the wee pull backs that again should have been yellows, its just getting beyond a joke.

KT in particular was subject to some absolute shockers. Eventually the ref couldn't ignore them and just gave yellows but then the same players put in yellow card tackles that were ignored.

Its open season on our players. Is it all part of the stop the ten campaign or are the referees just total cheats.

Streams Streams

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Streams are top notch again. Well done guys :clap::clap::clap:

Celtic v. Hearts line up

celtic French eddie

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looking the part today :ronny3:

celtic Todays Team

Scotlands minimum pricing of alcohol

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went to Tesco on Friday night and paid £26 for 24 cans of Strongbow, was well pissed off.... so on Saturday I decided I was going to drive down to Morrisons in Carlisle as they are doing 18 cans for £11 ,was going to buy 10 cases to see me through the winter anyway went onto amazon pantry to see if they were doing any deals turns out it's a loophole in the minimum pricing law and was able to order 10 cases of 20 pack Strongbow for £125 including delivery get on it folks before they hike up the price

celtic Saturday........

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Fuck the sheep shagging bastards, fuck that wee wank Logan, fuck the huns and the minis, fuck Brexit and the Union.

Missed anyone???

Saturday 3pm home kick off ….buzzin :ynwa:

There will be utter bedlam

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Looks like both semi finals are to be played on Sunday the 28th of October.

12:00pm: Aberdeen v Rangers
7:45pm: Hearts v Celtic

This has to be the worst decision ever. 4 teams of fans all in the same area on the same day...the zombies will be running amok :zombie::zombie: Aaaand what about the state of the freeking pitch after the first game?