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celtic Team News

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Same as last week.


celtic Todays Team

Anouncment Big Eck got the job

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What a complete and utter rid neck. :earwank:

How would you line up tomorrow?

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Difficult one as we aren't really looking solid front, back or middle at the moment.
Assuming Celtic have given up getting pumped in Europe for lent how would you line up?

It may be a matter of perception but De Vries gives me the fear. if you made a couple of highlight reels of all his matches played for Europe I am sure shots going past him would outnumber those he stopped.

Lustig, for whatever reason, is just not up to pace, physically or mentally it seems
I prefered Jozo before he was a Bosnian.
Ajer not yet a CB, still flings his arms about like a midfielder and his naivity is shown up when playing against experience. Hendry an unknown quantity.
KT not hit the heights of last year (there was a while where Sinlcair, Ntcham and him really seemed to have an onfield understanding, that has gone)

Forrest and Brown are pretty consistant at the moment everyone else seems pretty much dependent on how the wind is blowing.

Zenit have a solid defence and in Europe a pretty fierce...
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