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celtic Saturday........

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Fuck the sheep shagging bastards, fuck that wee wank Logan, fuck the huns and the minis, fuck Brexit and the Union.

Missed anyone???

Saturday 3pm home kick off ….buzzin :ynwa:

There will be utter bedlam

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Looks like both semi finals are to be played on Sunday the 28th of October.

12:00pm: Aberdeen v Rangers
7:45pm: Hearts v Celtic

This has to be the worst decision ever. 4 teams of fans all in the same area on the same day...the zombies will be running amok :zombie::zombie: Aaaand what about the state of the freeking pitch after the first game?

St. Johnstone vs Celtic Line Up

How would you line up tonight?

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It will be interesting to see in the light of Brendon's comments:

I would go:

Gamboa - Benkovitch - Boyata - KT
Mulumbu - Brown
Forrest - Ntcham - Eduoard

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