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  • Hi Guest We have managed to port the origonal forum over to the new xenforo please feel free to take a look around and get yourself used the the new features , were very happy with how things worked out , but sure there will be some bugs needing ironed out , please dont hesitate to contact us if you find any thanks Admin
  • Hello Guest welcome back to tictalk We have been working hard on forum upgrades , and have just implemented a brand new push notification system that will alert you when someone replies to a thread your subscribed to or if you receive a new private message etc , all you have to do is opt in by clicking the bell icon on the bottom left of the forum list and subscribe this should work on all devices and browsers apart from iOS I'm currently working on fix for iOS and hope to have it up and running within the week would appreciate as many members opting in as possibe for testing purposes and appricate any feed back as usual thanks Ibrahim


fucked if I know

Expiring user upgrades

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Hi all

2018 is coming to an end and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy New year for 2019

It's been a great year for tictalk and the community continues to grow , we currently have 1400 members which is something special, so much so that we have made the forum invite only.

We continue to invest in our hardware, servers , resources and software licenses and i think that it shows with our match day threads and numbers we have visiting. Also we have the @frajja apk which I believe is a huge success

On that note I have decided that for the start of 2019 we will have a new usergroup that will access the gallowgate forums , similar to last year it will be called gallowgate 2019 instead of gallowgate 2018
After the game tomorrow I'll port users over who have recently signed up or have been regular contributers to the forum.

If you find yourself without access to the gallowgate you can upgrade your account...

Any cunt wanr the queens speach

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:10iar:Streamed tomrorw

celtic Todays presser 21/12

champions league games

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In the gallowgate , if you want anything else just post in her e

Anouncement To the person sharing our resources

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This is a warning to all members.
And to the person that's sharing our resources on what's app groups
This is against the rules here and I have received some messages about the files being shared. Once again it's been fucked up for everyone and the files removed
Should I just delete the resources section all together?.
We can't have this happening and as soon as I find out who's sharing they will be perma gone from here
Keep it up and I'll just take it all away . Fucked if I'm getting shafted for trying to do a good turn for you guys


celtic Todays presser

Streams Scotland_vs_Israel freebie

celtic a wee surprise

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coming for y'all later

watch this space :D

Android x86

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Anyone tried it yet


Streams Hamilton v Celtic Freebie {non donors}

are we having issues

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internet is terrible here today

Streams Test

celtic French eddie

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looking the part today :ronny3:

Streams full game replay Celtic v rossenberg

celtic todays highlights

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credit to @Bonfigli

Only downside was Ntcham injury, hopefully fit for Wednesday night.

Hail x2

1-0 Rogic

2-0 Edouard

3-0 Ntcham



premier sports 2

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any sign of this shite yet

celtic youths v Chelsea

Streams tonights boxing

anyone online avail to test

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looking for some volunteers

celtic Ryan Christie tonight