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Welcome to Tictalk

Come on in and join in ,, its fun here

  1. frajja


    have you got a mkv or mp4 for still game ? :tiphat:
  2. frajja

    Tiocfaidh Armani from the Huddleboard here

    ok welcome cunts :wav:
  3. frajja

    Tiocfaidh Armani from the Huddleboard here

    got the potential to be massive
  4. frajja


    welcome :wav:
  5. frajja


    Welcome :tiphat:
  6. frajja

    New Poster

    welcome in @Anton as for donations whatever you can afford m8
  7. frajja

    Typos (for when the OCD kicks in)

    oh fuck i'll have a few
  8. frajja

    Hello from another Newbie

    welcome to the forum with that little bit more
  9. frajja

    CM brought me to you..

    spend some coin at the bookies c'mon hurry up :D
  10. frajja

    Hail Hail, new member :-)

    nice to see you here @Swissguard you'll have plenty of knowledge to share with us then :tiphat:
  11. frajja

    Newbie - Introducing myself

    welcome BigTamG to tictalk not many people on celtic forums that lub0112 hasnt helped :tiphat:
  12. frajja


    ive sent you a pm see if you can reply
  13. frajja


    hi @jammie dont tell me your @unrealkayal s m8 :)
  14. frajja

    Is PTT a Member?

    old bhoy a work with see's him at mass need the get him telt
  15. frajja

    hail hail

    come on then @tommbhoy get posting
  16. frajja

    New member

    welcome i know nothing about football either :) just look at my bets in sportsbook section
  17. frajja

    logo ...

    Same here
  18. frajja

    logo ...

    Same here
  19. frajja

    name.for new forum

    @Lefty Two Guns Ruggiero or like talk talk only faster