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fucked if I know
Oct 4, 2014
Here's were we are at

The server doesn't cope with hd at all
The minute some one clicks to watch the hd all the bandwidth we have get drained and it just lags freezes or cuts out
The streams are fine as I played the celtic game on my own server and it's perfect

Now the server is fine for on demand and is pretty rapid otherwise , but I'm sure we all want hd and all the games to play smoother

So this weekend Im going to test on a vps that I have , it's got bigger bandwidth and it will give me an idea of whats needed to fix this

For servers with 10gbs ports and unlimited bandwidth is just stupid money so no point in looking at that

If the vps works out then that's the road we can go down and sack the dedicated

Shame really because the idea is great and we can get the streams

I'm not giving up though and pretty sure I can find a solution

Hope this keeps everyone upto date
Anyone got any feedback be interested to here

Oh and the sd stuff played fine tonight give or take the odd glitch :D
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fucked if I know
Oct 4, 2014
This is on a 1gbs line which should be fine but it gets throttled at 500mbs which is just not enough for hd unfortunately

In general vps are on 10gbs lines and they don't throttle unless the network is strained , so I'll give that a go

The celtic games are so easy to stream to the website you wouldn't believe it , but would be.nice to have a kodi version working nice

No point in paying for a dedicated if it's not going to suit our needs ..... so some more testing at the weekend me thinks

Makes me wonder what all the other addon users are using because they are stable enough most of the time
Unfortunately streaming has lots of variables and so many things can go wrong ...I'm sure we will sus it in the end lol
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